Chernarus Noob Friendly


Chernarus Noob Friendly

Welcome to our Noob friendly Desecrated lands server where new players can learn to play and experience the game without fear of bring killed. All vehicles will spawn in complete you just have to add water to the radiators, there will be canteens full of water and a gasoline container provided in the trunk of each vehicle that spawns in on the map. There will also be a Chernarus flag provided so you can start a base until you can find your desired flag choice.

If you abandon a vehicle or loot the contents of another vehicle simply remove the radiator, put the vehicle in neutral, start it and walk away it will burn up and de-spawn. Or contact one of our staff members either via ticket or message in discord and we will take care of it.

There are Survivor Missions to do in game, you will see the survivor message come across the screen just tune into the radio channel and follow the clues to receive your rewards at the end of mission. More missions will be added in the future.

server rules

This will be a community based server and the community will vote and decided on any changes or updates. I am not opposed to adding a few quality of life mods eventually, but not too many as some players do not have the hardware to play on heavy modded servers.

Vehicles are not reset on this server, please be considerate to other players and do not hoard them. Have fun, explore, build what you want, learn and survive 🙂



  • 1.1 Follow the Rules.
  • 1.2 “DO NOT DO ANYTHING” that will ruin the game experience of other players.
  • 1.3 This is a [PvE Only] server with “NO KILLING” of other players. Doing so will result in a ban.
  • 1.4 Please be respectful of other players. Hate speech, sexism, or racism will not be tolerated. Such will result in an immediate ban.
  • 1.5 Do Not Spam any Chat, text, or voice.
  • 1.6 Please report any errors, mistakes, or bugs you find. Players found taking advantage of any on the server will be banned.
  • 1.7 (a) No Advertising unless permission from an Admin or Server Owner.
  • (b) Rules and punishments will be enforced and decided by the Admins and the Server Owner.
  • (c) Please feel free to notify an Admin or Server Owner if you feel that a rule has or is being broken.


  • 2.1 All buildings of bases/camps MUST be 500m from any Military areas.
  • 2.2 (a) Bases will need a Flagpole to be a valid Base. Only one Flagpole per player.
  • (b) Limit your Vehicles to one per person and 3 Per muti owned base. A solo player can have one truck and car at base.
  • (c) Do not block Roads, Nature Trails, Wells, Gas Pumps. If so, sections of your base will be removed to enable players to access these resources.
  • 2.2 As of right now, there is no base raiding allowed. However if you come across a base without a Flagpole, it can be looted.
  • 2.3 No building of any kind in the Military Zones, Police stations, Hospitals, Prisons, Fire stations, Camps, gas stations, or stores.
  • 2.4 Do not block access to popular loot areas or mission zone areas.


This is a community based server, as the community grow I will leave it up to the community to vote and agree on any or all updates and changes. This server was created for players who wanted a place to learn and experience dayz without fear. I am no oposed to any furture mods being added that may benifit this noob frienly server. Just not too many as not all players have the hardware to play highly modded servers.



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