Chernarus Hardcore


Chernarus Hardcore

Welcome to Chernarus a menacing environment with real PVE challenges. Spawn into this dangerous exciting map where new threats lurk around every corner. Will you survive? Do you have what it takes to keep body and soul together while exploring these Desecrated lands of Chernarus?

Gameplay environment



day acceleration




night acceleration



New medical enhancements


New environmental enchanments, zombies + wildlife


Modded + unique weapons + gear


Vehicle, heli, general, hunting, fishing, mutant + black market traders.

server rules

There are features that are going to be added based on player input.  Vehicles can be refilled at gas pumps by looking at the gas tank fill.  Vehicles can be flipped with a wrench or pushed with the F key.  Zombies have loot related to the class of zombie they are.  Almost anything that can be bought can also be found. Vanilla vehicles can be found around the map.  Modded vehicles are purchase only.  Please keep in mind that there are going to be mods added and  removed depending on mod conflicts.  If you have a mod suggestions post to the discord.



  • 1.1 Follow the Rules.
  • 1.2 “DO NOT DO ANYTHING” that will ruin the game experience of other players.
  • 1.3This is a [PvE Only] server with “NO KILLING” of other players. Doing so will result in a ban.
  • 1.4 Please be respectful of other players. Hate speech, sexism, or racism will not be tolerated. Such will result in an immediate ban. 
  • 1.5 Do Not Spam any Chat, text, or voice.
  • 1.6 Please report any errors, mistakes, or bugs you find. Players found taking advantage of any on the server will be banned.
  • 1.7 (a) No Advertising unless permission from an Admin or Server Owner.
  • (b) Rules and punishments will be enforced and decided by the Admins and the Server Owner. Please feel free to notify an Admin or Server Owner if you feel that a rule has or is being broken.


  • 2.1 All buildings of bases/camps MUST be 750m away from any Traders and 250m from any Military areas.
  • 2.2 (a) Bases will need a Territory Flag to build.

  • (b) Limit your base sizes to 4x4x2 and Vehicles to 3 Per Territory (Air vehicles are included in the 3 max limits).

  • (c) Do not block Roads, Nature Trails, Wells, Gas Pumps, or Cement Mixers. If so, sections of your base will be removed to enable players to access these resources.

  • 2.2 (a) You can build a fence around your territory 1 high and put tents, greenhouses, etc. inside your territory.

  • (b) The main enclosed base can only be 4x4x2. You can build 2 enclosed structures as long as they are not 2 high (for example you can do two 4x4x1 structures with a roof).

  • (c) If you do not wish to attach a landing pad to your main base structure, you can build a 4×4 foundation inside your territory. It just can’t be an enclosed structure.

  • (d) If you chose to build inside a building such as a barn, factory, house, etc. You can not attack a 4x4x2 sized base to it.

  • 2.3 No building of any kind in the Military Zones, Police stations, Hospitals, Prisons, Fire stations, Camps, gas stations, or stores.

  • 2.4 Do not block access to popular loot areas or mission zone areas.

  • 2.5 As of right now, there is no base raiding allowed. However if you come across a base without a Territory Flag, it can be looted.


  • 3.1 No stealing from players, or tampering with their belonging or vehicles in the Trader zone, doing so could result in a ban.
  • 3.2 (a) Please refrain from parking vehicles within the Trader walls at “Green Mountain” for prolonged periods.
  • (b) Do not congest or block any trader areas on the map. If a vehicle is left in the trader for long periods and is an issue it may be deleted.
  • 3.3 If a parking area has been provided at the trader use it for a long period of parking, do not park along the outskirts of the trader.


  • 4.1 Vehicles are purchased and driven at your own risk – If approached nicely, you may ask an Admin to help with a vehicle problem. (Admins discretion)
  • 4.2 All vehicles must be covered when you are not online. Vehicles that are not covered and disappear will not be replaced. (Do not remove or steal car covers, doing so could result in a ban.
  • 4.3 Vehicles that are found outside of traders and Territories such as vanilla spawned cars on the map that are not locked or keyed regardless of contents in their cargo can be taken by other players. (a keyed car will not be able to be started). No stealing from players, or tampering with their belongings, or vehicles.


  • 5.1 There are features to the game that are going to be added based on player input.
  • 5.2 Vehicles can be flipped with a wrench or pushed with the F key.
  • 5.3 Zombies have loot related to their class.
  • 5.4 Most loot that can be bought at the trader can also be obtained on the map. Not all items can be bought at the trader (For example Codelocks, BBP Blue Print Book, etc.)
  • 5.5 (a) Vanilla vehicles can be found around the map, they may require some parts to get them going. It is a ratio spawn chance for all vehicle attachments.
  • (b) All modded vehicles can only be purchased at the trader, they do not spawn on the map.
  • 5.6 Please keep in mind that all mods are subject to changes depending on their updates, mod changes, and conflicts.
  • 5.7 If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to post them in our discord.
  • 5.8 (a) If you have any in-game issues please make a ticket via discord.(b) Please keep in mind that these servers are hardcore and keep tickets appropriate (for example if you are starving is that ticket worthy?).



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