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Noob FRIENDLY servers

Welcome to Desecrated Lands, a Dayz server where new players can learn to play and experience the game without fear of being killed. Our server is designed to be noob-friendly, providing a safe and supportive environment for players of all skill levels.

One of the unique features of our server is that all vehicles will spawn in complete with all attachments, ready to drive. Our team of experienced moderators is always available to answer questions and help new players navigate the game. We also offer tutorials and guides to help you learn the ins and outs of Dayz, so you can feel confident and empowered as you explore the world.

Hardcore servers


Our Chernarus, Livonia and Namalsk maps are hardcore PvZ, PvE only, modded servers for experienced DayZ players who want more of a challenge. We are new but have already built a friendly and helpful community with a monetary system of traders where you can get in-game cash for loot and buy vehicles/helis, guns, equipment and supplies to aid in your adventures. The main challenge for DayZ players should come from environmental factors, not PvP. Let’s face it the infected do not discriminate or play the long con.

Help keep our server running smoothly

This is a hobby of ours and we would love to keep it running. Your contribution can help!

Our Server Enchancements

Zombies and some wildlife have been modified in these servers to be more aggressive.
We have customized the DayZ zombie population to try to add a more realistic Hardcore Survival feel. Each infected zombie will have a different strength or weakness, and part of your adventure will involve finding the best way to encounter each species and dispose of them. 

“Is that zombie banging on the door?”
 Yes, some can break open doors. How many hits will depend on the type of infected creature knocking at your door. If you’re lucky you’ll have a lockpick, if not get ready to fight for your life.
You will see the infected on the maps now pretty much anywhere and everywhere with the custom dynamic spawns. So watch your step and surroundings. “Did something just move behind that tree?” Keep in mind these are not the standard infected zombies that you are used to, so expect the unexpected. Some of the new breeds may look similar to those of vanilla zombies, but many have new traits and resistances. “It is always a good idea to shoot for the head”. They can also infect you with illnesses and diseases. “All that rotting meat under their fingernails can’t be good for the bloodstream”.

Medical Devices + Aids 

New medical devices and aids have also been added to the game as well, for example, the blood test kit will also give you a report on illnesses and diseases not just your blood type. 


You will also stumble across unique mutated zombies and animals as you embark across these desecrated lands. “Is this because of an experiment gone wrong or is this evolution?” When you encounter one of these creatures you will know from their horrid sounds and appearances, this is when an automatic physiological reaction will trigger your flight or fight. “Remember you don’t have to run faster than the monstrosity to get away. You just have to run faster than the person next to you.” If you are able to prevail and win the battle against one, do not forget to collect its remains, there is sure to be someone who will pay well for them in these dire times.  

Night + Rest Status 

Planning to venture out in the dark? Make sure you are prepared as the infected become stronger at night and when you are knocked out they will finish you off compared to during the day. “Hey, where did I put those extra batteries?” You will also notice a moon with a status bar by it you will need to maintain your sleep to regain your rest level, if you do not you will simply fall unconscious. You can do this by using your emote wheel and selecting lay down. Laying down will regenerate up to 51%, laying down during the day by fire will regenerate up to 66% and at night 100%. You can also drink sodas for a boost, but the boost does not stack, so use them wisely. There are also aids you can use to help regenerate rest quicker while laying down.


 Larger Threats  

“Did you hear those church bells?” Yes, we also have a Dark Horde which roams around the map, don’t get too close to it unless you want to hunt it or it you.
This is your story … your adventure awaits you in Desecrated Lands!


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